One silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic is how mental health has become part of the national conversation throughout the past two years. It’s no surprise then that some of 2021’s most-read articles at the Counseling Today website dealt with trauma, grief/loss, suicide and a range of mental health issues connected to the pandemic, including the strain it has put on children and adolescents.

More than 130 articles were posted at in 2021. Other popular articles focused on professional issues such as pro bono counseling, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, the future of the counseling profession, eating disorders, client assessment and treatment planning, and starting a career during the pandemic.


What were counselors reading in 2021?

Here are the most-read articles posted in 2021 at

  1. Untangling trauma and grief after loss” (feature article, May magazine)
  2. The forces that could shape counseling’s future” (cover story, January magazine)
  3. Taking a strengths-based approach to suicide assessment and treatment” (Member Insights, July magazine)
  4. Trauma stabilization through polyvagal theory and DBT” (Member Insights, September magazine)
  5. Tapping into the benefits of EMDR” (feature article, October magazine)
  6. How COVID-19 is affecting our fears, phobias and anxieties” (feature article, March magazine)
  7. There’s nothing small about trauma” (cover story, July magazine)
  8. Pro bono counseling: How to make it work” (online exclusive posted in March)
  9. Internet gaming disorder: A real mental health issue on the rise in adolescents and young adults” (online exclusive posted in September)
  10. Perspectives on grief and loss” (cover story, November magazine)
  11. Five regrets of the counselor” (Member Insights, March magazine)
  12. Working with clients who are angry at God” (Knowledge Share, May magazine)
  13. A firsthand experience of grieving pet loss” (Member Insights, August magazine)
  14. ‘But my clients don’t get eating disorders’” (Member Insights, January magazine)
  15. Feeling the strain: The effects of COVID-19 on children and adolescents” (cover story, May magazine)
  16. Suicidality among children and adolescents” (cover story, September magazine)
  17. Four lessons in building therapeutic relationships” (Member Insights, November magazine)
  18. Assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning: A map for the journey ahead” (cover story, October magazine)
  19. The intersection of childhood trauma and addiction” (Knowledge Share, April magazine)
  20. Finding balance in counseling private practice” (cover story, April magazine)
  21. Counseling outside the box” (cover story, March magazine)
  22. The sensitivity of boundary setting in collectivist cultures” (Member Insights, October magazine)
  23. Crisis counseling: A blend of safety and compassion” (cover story, August magazine)
  24. Starting a counseling career in the time of COVID-19” (feature article, April magazine)
  25. Gone but not missed: When grief is complex” (feature article, February magazine)



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