What were counselors reading in 2018?

This year saw the explosion of the #MeToo movement, so it’s no surprise that a piece on supporting clients through sexual assault response was among the top five articles that received the most views at Counseling Today’s website, ct.counseling.org.

Readers were also interested in pieces on navigating and preventing professional burnout, as well as helping clients with workplace stress, chronic pain, eating disorders, parenting issues, trauma and a variety of other topics.

Interestingly, the top search terms that brought readers to ct.counseling.org in 2018 included “polyvagal theory,” “dual relationships in counseling,” “working with client lies and concealment,” “self-care for counselors” and “how to deal with countertransference.”

Close to 150 articles, both online-exclusive pieces and articles that also appeared in Counseling Today’s print magazine, were posted at ct.counseling.org in 2018.


Most-viewed articles posted in 2018 at ct.counseling.org

  1. The hurting counselor” (Member Insights on practitioner burnout, August magazine)
  2. The battle against burnout” (Cover story, April magazine)
  3. Parenting in the 21st century” (Cover story, March magazine)
  4. Effective ways to approach sexual assault response,” (Member Insights, July magazine)
  5. The therapy behind play therapy” (Cover story, September magazine)
  6. Understanding and treating survivors of incest” (Knowledge Share, March magazine)
  7. Could toxic workplaces be killing your clients?” (Feature, October magazine)
  8. Why do cops avoid counseling? Eight myths about law enforcement officers and mental health treatment” (Online exclusive, January)
  9. Talking through the pain” (Feature on helping clients with chronic pain, February magazine)
  10. Food for thought” (Cover story on disordered eating, February magazine)
  11. Past trauma in counselors-in-training: Help or hindrance?” (Online exclusive, May)
  12. When panic attacks” (Feature, August magazine)
  13. When help isn’t helpful: Overfunctioning for clients” (Online exclusive, March)
  14. Moving through trauma” (Member Insights on healing through yoga, breathwork and meditation, November magazine)
  15. The opioid crisis and a wounded counselor’s heart” (Online exclusive, May)
  16. Counseling people who stutter” (Member Insights, April magazine)
  17. Standing in the shadow of addiction” (Feature on supporting the adult children of parents with alcohol use disorders, November magazine)
  18. Five strategies to develop mental health models in schools” (Member Insights, March magazine)
  19. When bias turns into bullying” (Feature, July magazine)
  20. The social justice of adoption” (Online exclusive, June)






What was your favorite article of 2018? What would you like to see Counseling Today and CT Online cover in 2019?

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