Which counseling topics grabbed the most reader attention in 2019?

Close to 150 articles were posted at ct.counseling.org in 2019. Professional issues – including self-disclosure with clients, starting a private practice, impostor syndrome and the pros and cons of providing online therapy – topped the list of most-read articles at CT Online in 2019. Also popular were pieces on client issues such as perfectionism, parenting, couples counseling, impulse control, domestic violence, teen issues and social anxiety, among others.

Some of the top search terms that brought people to the site in 2019 included play therapy, polyvagal theory, self-care for counselors, empathy fatigue, countertransference, parenting in the 21st century, multicultural competence and cultural humility.

The most-read articles posted in 2019 at CT Online (ct.counseling.org)

  1. Counselor self-disclosure: Encouragement or impediment to client growth?” (Feature, February magazine)
  2. Establishing a private practice” (Cover story, April magazine)
  3. The messy reality of perfectionism” (Feature, March magazine)
  4. Is there an epidemic of emotional support animals?” (Member Insights, February magazine)
  5. The pros and cons of contracting with online counseling companies” (Member Insights, January magazine)
  6. When yelling doesn’t work” (Feature on parent/child discipline, May magazine)
  7. Finding strength in sensitivity” (Feature on sensory processing sensitivity, October magazine)
  8. Client suggestibility: A beginner’s guide for mental health professionals” (Member Insights, August magazine)
  9. Addressing intimate partner violence with clients” (Cover story, July magazine)
  10. Advice for the highly sensitive therapist” (Online exclusive posted in September)
  11. Five social, emotional and mental health supports that teens need to succeed” (Member Insights, September magazine)
  12. More than simply shy” (Cover story on social anxiety, August magazine)
  13. Taming impulses” (Feature, August magazine)
  14. Counselors as human beings, not superheroes” (Cover story, October magazine)
  15. The pretend professional” (Member Insights on impostor syndrome, July magazine)
  16. Grieving everyday losses” (Cover story, May magazine)
  17. Making it safe to talk about suicidal ideation” (Cover story, September magazine)
  18. Parent-child interaction therapy for ADHD and anxiety disorders” (Member Insights, March magazine)
  19. Procrastination: An emotional struggle” (Feature, November magazine)
  20. The miscommunication model and the WDEP system” (Knowledge Share on couples/relationship counseling, June magazine)
  21. Going beyond sadness” (Cover story on depression, November magazine)




What was your favorite article of 2019? What would you like to see Counseling Today and CT Online cover in 2020?

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