What were counselors reading in 2015?

More than 140 articles were posted to Counseling Today’s companion website, CT Online this past year, and the most-viewed pieces ran the gamut, from issues related to helping young clients to Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 4.24.12 PMcounselor self-care.

Highlights of 2015 also included a three-article series on Jeffrey Kottler’s post-earthquake aid work in Nepal, an in-depth piece on an innovative program launched to address child trauma in West Virgina and the debut of Nonprofit News, a monthly online column written by counselor and ACA member “Doc Warren” Corson III.




CT Online’s most-viewed articles posted in 2015:

  1. The connection between ADHD, speech delays, motor skill delays, sensory processing disorders and sleep issues (Online exclusive; posted in January)
  2. Stumbling blocks to counselor self-care (Counseling Today cover story; March issue)
  3. Where’s Waldo? A creative tool to introduce CBT skills (Online exclusive; posted in October)
  4. Treating depression and anxiety (Counseling Today cover story; August issue)
  5. Empty crib, broken heart (Counseling Today cover story; October issue)
  6. Growing number of counselor positions available at USAJOBS.gov (Online exclusive; posted in May)
  7. A tough time on campus: Majority of freshmen feel emotionally unprepared for college (Online exclusive; posted in November)
  8. Confirming the benefits of emotional support animals (Online exclusive; posted in April)
  9. Addressing fear in child victims of sexual abuse (Counseling Today Knowledge Share article; February issue)
  10. Emotion, personified: What “Inside Out” gets right about mental health (Online exclusive; posted in June)
  11. Explaining why opposites attract (Counseling Today Reader Viewpoint article; May issue)
  12. Taking a creative approach to client change (Counseling Today cover story; September issue)
  13. What would Yalom do? Ten nuggets of wisdom for counselors old and new (Online exclusive; posted in March)
  14. Hidden in plain sight (Counseling Today cover story; February issue)
  15. The misrepresentation of black girls with brown skin (Online exclusive; posted in May)
  16. From NFL linebacker to licensed professional counselor (Online exclusive; posted in June)
  17. Addressing counseling’s portability crisis (Counseling Today feature article; April issue)
  18. Counseling clients with cancer (Counseling Today feature article; March issue)
  19. When tragedy hits close to home (Counseling Today feature article; August issue)
  20. Fresh thinking on old issues (Counseling Today cover story; May issue)




What was your favorite article of 2015? What would you like to see Counseling Today and CT Online cover in 2016? Leave a reply in the comment section below, or email us at CT@counseling.org






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