The American Counseling Association’s public policy and legislation team will be hosting a conference call this Wednesday at 3:30p.m. (EST) to discuss recent events involving federal policy and the counseling profession.

Topics will include the status of S. 562, a bill that, if passed, would expand Medicare coverage for licensed professional counselors; updates on events at ACA; citizen advocacy opportunities; and issues within the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Though the call is primarily geared toward ACA members, Art Terrazas, acting director of the public policy and legislation department, invites other interested parties to participate.

“Members of the counseling community should be on the call so that they can find out how they can make a difference in their communities and advocate for the profession,” he says. “This is an opportunity to gain important insight so that they can become more empowered.”

For those interested in participating in the call, contact ACA’s public policy department at 1.800.347.6647 or email Guila Todd at

You can listen to past conference calls at ACA’s YouTube page.

Heather Rudow is a staff writer for Counseling Today. Contact her at