Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 3.00.32 PMCACREP and CORE entered into an historic affiliation agreement on July 12, 2013 whereby CORE will become a corporate affiliate of CACREP. The agreement includes a process whereby programs that wish to apply for accreditation under CACREP’s newly developed and adopted Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling program standards (to be implemented by CORE) will undergo a review process conducted jointly by CACREP and CORE. As part of this agreement, CORE and CACREP will also continue to accredit other programs within their respective scopes of practice.

CORE and CACREP are committed to working closely together to establish a framework for ensuring apreferred logo smooth transition for currently accredited programs that wish to be reviewed under these new standards. Both organizations have also agreed to work towards recognition of programs accredited under the Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling standards with regard to state licensure and federal hiring eligibility. Until recognition of the Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling standards is achieved, programs accredited under these new standards will be permitted to hold dual accreditation status with CACREP’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program standards.

CORE and CACREP have begun working on the details of the framework and will be releasing additional information in the early fall 2013. A process is being developed for rehabilitation counseling programs already training students for clinical counseling practice, as well as one for those programs interested in developing a more clinically‐focused program. Please visit the CORE or CACREP websites periodically at www.core‐ and to obtain the most updated information. Interested individuals are invited to attend sessions at the ACA, ACES, NCRE, AASCB, and other professional counseling conferences to learn more as the plan develops.