(Photo: Flickr/ Renato Ganoza)
  • The financial crisis in Europe is affecting residents’ mental health, as “economic suicides” plague the region and those hit hardest by the downturn.
  • Girls diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder are at a greater risk for suicide and self-injury as young adults, especially when they show early signs of impulsivity.
  • Speaking out and intervening when witnessing bullying is not only an effective practice, but also has roots in society’s evolution.
  • Therapy that combines treatment for PTSD and substance abuse can result in less severe PTSD symptoms for those struggling with both problems.
  • One way to relieve stress is adhering to the motto “fake it till you make it,” as University of Kansas researchers found that by forcing a smile, a person actually decreases stress.

Heather Rudow is a staff writer for Counseling Today. Email her at hrudow@counseling.org.

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