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The amount of pressure students face from elementary school through college has only increased over the years, and with it are increased reports of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders.  But as The Examiner reports, a new mental health resource is being offered in some Florida schools as a way to assist school counselors and faculty with helping students cope with their problems.

“POM Schools” is an online library that grants students in middle and high school access to books and voice recordings by mental health professionals on a variety of subjects, such as bullying, peer pressure, friendship and study skills. After a student has read a POM book, a list of resources is provided that the student can access if he or she wants more information on the topic.

Schools are also given the ability to tailor their web portals by customizing which POM subjects their students have access to, as well as which grades can access them. And although a student’s identity remains anonymous when using the program, the schools have the ability to determine which POM resources students are accessing as well as the frequency with which resources on specific topics are being used.

Source: The Examiner

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