The intelligence analyst and whistleblower allegedly responsible for divulging classified information to the nonprofit information sharing organization WikiLeaks apparently had been a concern to mental health workers before he was detained.

Pfc. Bradley Manning was arrested on May 29, 2010 under suspicion of giving classified information to WikiLeaks, but The Associated Press reports that a psychologist surveying him reported “worrisome signs of [his] fragile mental and emotional state” five months before the arrest.

AP reports that at least two other mental health workers who treated or examined Manning voiced similar to concerns to Manning’s supervisors, dating back as far as December 2009. But Manning’s supervisors did not believe the warning meant his access to classified materials should be limited.

The hearing for Manning is scheduled from Dec. 16 to Dec. 23. Those who have been asked to testify at the hearing include President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but it is doubtful they will actually do so.

Source: The Associated Press

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