(Angel Franco/The New York Times)

In order to be a successful student, it takes more than smarts, drive for good grades and a desire to study: Students’ surrounding environment and mental health are key components as well.

The national nonprofit Turnaround for Children believes a child’s emotional and mental state deserves as much focus as academics. As The New York Times reports, the organization heads to high-poverty, low-performing public schools in New York and Washington and transforms them into positive, community-like environments:

“In focusing on students’ psychological and emotional well-being, in addition to academics, Turnaround occupies a middle ground between the educators and politicians who believe schools should be more like community centers, and the education-reform movement, with its no-excuses mantra. Over the past decade, the movement has argued that schools should concentrate on what high-quality, well-trained teachers can achieve in classrooms, rather than on the sociological challenges beyond their doors.”

Says Dr. Pamela Cantor, Turnaround’s founder and president: “This is the condition our organization was created to solve. A teacher who works in a community like this and thinks that these children can leave their issues at the door and come in and perform is dreaming.”

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