It turns out Ralph Waldo Emerson was right about adopting the pace of nature; new studies from the Happiness Lab at Carleton University show that urban dwellers can benefit greatly from even short walks in nature, increasing their overall sense of well-being.

In the first study, researchers had participants take a 17-minute walk outside, some through the greenery surrounding Carleton University’s campus in Ottawa, Ontario, and others through tunnels. Even though they were still in an urban area, researchers found that those who spent their time around nature “reported feeling more positive, more relaxed and more fascinated with life – and they reported fewer negative emotions than did the tunnel walkers.”

The second study was a slightly different version of the first, and researchers got the same results – those who spent time walking through any sort of greenery said the strolls elevated their moods more than they initially thought possible and led to a greater sense of connectedness with nature.

For more information, read Wray Herbert’s article in the Huffington Post.