First, let me thank the many members of the counseling community for your generosity. Your contributions of both time and money have been exemplary. The American Counseling Association Foundation has asked for donations and you have responded as we continue to raise funds this year for the Counselors Care Fund and our other projects, including the Growing Happy and Confident Kids program.

You have been reading about the Counselors Care Fund in a number of issues of Counseling Today in part because so many of us are deeply committed to helping “our own” directly, as well as helping our colleagues provide assistance to the many people suffering from the recent hurricane disasters. I am pleased to note that at its most recent board meeting, the ACA Foundation trustees approved a motion that established the Counselors Care Fund as a permanent part of our activities. While there will unfortunately be other disasters, the ACA Foundation wants to be in a position to help.

We are delighted to provide funds to the worthy activities I have described, as well as a number of other endeavors that benefit many aspects of our profession. But, of course, we need your continued support to do so. I have been touched by the gifts I have had the privilege of receiving this year on behalf of the ACA Foundation. However, we need lots more. Please check the ACA Foundation website at  and donate — right now while you are thinking about it. Or send a check made out to ACAF in care of Theresa Holmes at ACA headquarters, 5999 Stevenson Ave., Alexandria, VA 22304.

Let me brief you on some of the ACA Foundation’s other projects. The ACA Foundation supports students in the counseling profession in a number of ways, including scholarships to the annual conference and the first timer’s lunch, a special lounge reserved for students in the exhibit area, and the graduate student essay contest. We support other ACA activities by sponsoring events for the ACA Governing Council, the Council of Presidents and Region Chairs, and at the four regional leadership development meetings. We also support the ACA awards program.

These are ongoing activities of which we are proud. But last year, under the leadership of Clemmie Solomon and the rest of the board, we began a signature project, Growing Happy and Confident Kids. This emotional literacy project is about to be implemented in more than 25 sites, and we are confident we can raise more money to support more sites if we have applications. So check the ACA Foundation website and, if you meet the guidelines, please apply.

As I write this, I am gazing out at a beautiful winter landscape. I have heat, lights, hot water, food to eat and work to do. I have a loving, supportive family and good friends. I am grateful to be so fortunate. And even though I don’t say no very well, I am healthy emotionally and have been able to find good counselors in times of personal need. There are so many who have lost or who never had what I often take for granted. Please help counselors to help these people.

Jane Goodman is chair of the ACA Foundation. She also serves as ACA treasurer and is a past president of the association.