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Kimberly Frazier: Presidential year in review

June marks the end of Kimberly Frazier’s term as the 71st president of the American Counseling Association. Frazier has accomplished much over these past 12 months. Surrounded by supportive colleagues, she has worked hard to move the counseling profession and ACA forward with her three spotlight initiatives: justice, equity, diversity

From the President: Benefits and barriers to wellness

Last month’s column focused on why wellness is important and how to apply it in everyday life. We discussed the importance of advocating for your wellness and creating a wellness plan that you can easily follow, which will help make self-care a part of your regular routine. Wellness can involve

From the President: Making time for wellness

Last month’s column focused on one of my presidential spotlights — mentoring — and featured an interview with Ashlei Petion who recently transitioned from student to new professional. Ashlei discussed what made her transition easier, how to get involved with the American Counseling Association and how she maximized her time

From the President: Renew your ‘why’

Last month, I challenged you to reflect on the type of mentoring relationship that works best for you. Specifically, I asked you to reflect on the time commitment that you want your mentor to provide, the amount of contact you would like from your mentor, and the way you best

From the President: What good mentoring looks like

Last month, I discussed three steps to help you find a mentor that meets your needs: 1) Do your research. 2) Ask questions. 3) Determine if you and your potential mentor are a good fit. I also challenged you to evaluate your current mentors and mentoring needs using two central

From the President: Finding the right mentor

Last month, I challenged you to reflect on your current mentoring relationships and consider whether they were offering you four basic things: support, introspection, access and opportunity. These four basic attributes should be offered consistently, freely and in the spirit of paying it forward. To recap, a true mentor offers: 

From the President: The four attributes of a good mentor

Last month’s column illuminated the process you take when you discover the places you work, provide services or volunteer do not align with your own personal justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) goals. I included an interview with Keith Dempsey on his decision to change his career path as an

From the President: The journey to finding meaningful work

In last month’s column, I talked about how working at an organization whose values don’t align with your personal goals for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) often results in one of three things: a) The person stays at an organization in the hopes that the organization will change its